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This is the back side of the Guide divider.

The permanent small tabs are Post-It Note plastic flags described on the next page. I put the ORD plastic tab for the Ordinary Week on Wednesday so I can quickly turn to days either before or after the ORD tag when I need to find my starting place. Most days I just move the movable divider tabs day by day. But sometimes I miss a couple of days and the central ORD tabs helps get me to the correct day.

The FES, BVM, APS, MAR, HMW plastic small permanent tabs are for the special feast days that will replace parts of the regular divine office shown during Ordinary/Weekly Psalter section of BDP, pages 903 - 1141. There are also card-stock divider tabs for the  FES, BVM, APS, MAR, HMW sections, but I keep them in the back of the book until needed.

There are two other types of special feast/memorial sections, SEASONS and SAINTS.

I keep the card-stock divider tabs for SEASONS and SAINTS at their day (each in its own section) and move them day by day because I am always looking at SEASONS and SAINTS before beginning each day’s divine office to see if I need to use those SEASONS or SAINTS parts to replace and supersede the regular divine office located at Ordinary/Weekly Psalter pages 903 - 1141.

The RED Divider tabs refer to card-stock divider tabs starting here.













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