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How to use the Oblate Spring  
Two Ways to locate information on Benedictine Oblates and Benedictine Spirituality Topics

First Book to Read (Page 1)

What's an oblate? (Page 2)

Becoming an Oblate (Page 3)

Links to Oblate Resources (Page 4)

Index (Page 5) to: 
Mini Index
Expanded Index

What's New (Page 6)



 Option 1

Guided Tour through the Main Pages

Follow a page-by-page path of the main pages. This tour leads from a brief introduction and then on to all the major lists and resources on this web site.

Option 2

Use the Indexes

In this option, just use the Indexes to find
specific info you want and to find all the
pages on this web site.



Read the main pages of the website in this order, page by page:

Page 1 First Book to Read

Page 2 What's an Oblate?

Page 3 Becoming an Oblate

-- What is an oblate? (in more detail)

--- How to become an oblate

---- What do oblates do?

Page 4 Links to Oblate Resources

Long list of handy information organized into TOPICAL categories (not alphabetical).

Page 5 Index

Locate all info on the Oblate Spring alphabetically

Page 6 What's New at the Oblate Spring

Lists changes and additions.



The Expanded Index List links to all pages (more than those contained in Option 1 Guided Tour) and to more in-depth information about Benedictine oblates and monasticism.  For example, if your are looking for lectio divina, you will find it linked in the Expanded Index.

Page 5 is the main index page and has links to both the Mini and Expanded Index Lists.

The Mini Index has links to the key pages and information. If you have 60 seconds only, read the Mini Index.

Mini Index

Expanded Index