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Oblate Spring

For anyone interested in Benedictine Oblates or
Benedictine Spirituality. 
You are welcomed here as Christ

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Please visit my new website about all aspects of contempaltive life for lay people, men and women.    
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Interview with Barb about her Benedictine home gathering added.  This interview has been added to previously interview page with Julia Smead. 

Benedictine Monastic Spirituality Examiner -- Articles on

Even if you are not a Benedictine oblate, are you looking for a spiritual retreat in Florida, USA?  Here is the perfect retreat destination:
  Map with GPS coordinates for St. Leo Abbey, a Catholic Benedictine monastery and bookstore with many Benedictine books.  I highly recommend St. Leo Abbey for spiritual retreats and praying the divine office with the monks or finding a time of rest on holy ground.  This hidden spiritual gem is for anyone of any faith or denomination, anytime of the year.  Contact information page.

A short video and newspaper article about St. Leo Abbey are linked in this Oblate Blog. This will give you a look into the abbey.

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  About/ContactThe owner of this web site is a Benedictine oblate of a Catholic Benedictine monastery in Florida, USA


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The latest Benedictine Oblate newsletters from several different abbeys: Benedictine Oblate Newsletters & Programs
Chimes: Time’s Poetic Parallelism. How chimes in your home create poetic parallelism for time -- also Hebrew poetic explained. This is one of my favorite topics.   
Tabs & Guide: How to Use "Benedictine Daily Prayer" will help you use this popular book.
Vatican Documents on Monasticism gives a summary of what recent popes have said about monastic topics, includes links to Vatican source documents.


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Oblate Spring was launched on Easter Sunday, 2008.
In the Spirit of the 1,500-year-old Benedictine tradition,
we welcome you as Christ