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Move this divider each day in pages 1-902. During Vigils (the night office), we read longer sections from the Bible and writings of Church Fathers and saints -- the Readings.  If today is August 4, then this divider tab would be placed at P. 612.  Using the Universalis.com calendar helps.

BDP has wonderful readings as one of the best reasons to use this book (aside from being very simple to use).

The following divider tabs have the same color border on the tabbie  -- yellow in this case:

   Sunday (I like a different translation of
    Psalm 23 and keep this divider at Sunday)

The above sections are before the group of red-border tabbies that move in a group for each day in the Ordinary/Weekly Psalter pages 935 - 1141.

After my daily group of red-bordered tabbies are the black-bordered tabbies for the several special feast days and seasons.  This section starts here.


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