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Before we get to the last series of divider tabs, here's a look at the back sections of my BDP.

On the left side are the red-bordered divider tabs described in the last several pages, beginning here.

On the right side are the permanent yellow Post-It Note plastic tabs I made and described here.

The SEASONS divider tab is seen at the top right.  It is at page P. 1675 as I write this because today is in August Ordinary Time after Pentecost. The next season will be Advent beginning in November/December, but I have not yet moved the divider to the Advent section on P. 1336.

Behind the SEASONS divider tab is the SAINTS divider tab.  If today is August 4, the SAINTS divider would be at P. 2006 (can't be seen in this picture).  The SEASONS and SAINTS dividers move day by day through the year in their own sections. I also keep a printed Universalis.com calendar with BDP so I will know the week and Psalm Week.