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Index This applies only to the book Benedictine Daily Prayer (BDP). But you could apply this idea to any breviary or prayer book.

Here are the materials used to make the card-stock divider tabs described on the next series of pages and how to type the text in your word processor.  All materials were purchased at Staples or Office Depot except for the Tabbies.

I made these tabs when I got tired of flipping pages and wanted my favorite translations rather than the text in BDP for a few parts of the divine office.

Card Stock

110 lbs ivory-colored, Office Depot page


Erasable write-on index tabs from Tabbies.   These tabs are heavy and stiff and hold up well.

I use an ultra-fine Sharpie permanent pen to mark on the Tabbies. 

Scotch Transparent tape

Used to cover the text written on the Tabbies, the Post-It flags, and reinforce the top and bottom edges of the dividers.

Post-It Small Flags

Small Flag size - 0.472 x 1.719 inch. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Bright Blue, Bright Pink, Bright Purple, Bright Yellow

I write on two Post-It Note plastic flags, then tape the two flags together (picture) on the yellow part with Scotch Transparent (cutting off the excess) then attach the flags as a two-sided tab right on a page of BDP.  The Post-It Notes can be removed if needed without tearing the page, but I only remove them when they wear out.  Picture when attached to BDP.

How to type text on the card-stock sheet (typical sheet)

With all margins reduced to the minimum, I created three text boxes across the top part of page in my word processor. The two outer text boxes are 3.70" wide and 5.70" high. The middle box is .220" wide.

In the middle text box, faint orange lines (borders) were placed on the left and the right of that middle text box.

At 5.9" from the top edge of the sheet a faint orange horizontal line was added. Here is a PDF of a typical sheet used to make the dividers showing an example of the three text boxes and the faint orange lines.

To print the dividers, first I printed one side, then turned the printed sheet over and printed on the back side. Then I cut along the faint orange lines. This method makes two dividers (I only need one, but if you are making a set for a friend, you will have another set, and of course, if you are making them for other people, you can make two sets with one card-stock sheet.) The dividers are the same size as the pages in BDP and I put the dividers in BDP where they are most helpful. Some dividers stay at a particular page, others move with the day and hour to be prayed.


I keep a printed Universalis.com calendar with BDP so I will know the week and Psalm Week.


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