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Interview with Julia Smead

Pictures of the Benedictine Community
meeting in her home

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JULIA SMEAD:  Our schedule for the evening is described in the interview. Pictures when meeting at my church.

Here are pictures of the Benedictine Community during our monthly services when meeting in my home:

In the picture, we are having the dinner blessing.  Each person is standing by their chair at the tables.

I mention the blessing at this point in the interview.

Blessing sheet we use.






On the left, one of the stewards of the evening is pouring wine.  I mention the stewards here in the interview.





I am doing the
reading during dinner.  This
is a traditional part of Benedictine practice
and is described in the Rule of
St. Benedict, Chapter 38.


Here we are in study after dinner.

I describe the Benedictine study at this point in the interview.

I prepare these Notebook Materials for the study.


After the Benedictine study, we have Compline which is the last Benedictine prayer of the day -- traditionally the start of silence for monks until morning. 

The pictures below are of the Benedictine Community at Compline prayers.

We use these Compline materials.







At the end of Compline we turn out the lights, and with the candles, we have several minutes of silent meditation.  Silence is sometimes the biggest adjustment for those not familiar with Benedictine practices:

The one thing that is very difficult for people to assimilate to is the silence. It's also the thing that keeps them coming back. When I hear folks share with others about our group, the silence is what they talk about. We have two blocks of time when we're silent: following Vespers/while we're eating dinner; and after Compline as we enter the Great Silence.

We leave in silence.