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Blog list:  Benedictine oblate and monastic blogs
and web sites listed on the Oblate Blog
and a Google Reader Bundle
Updated Jan 1

A Contemplative Life
Abbey of Saint Walburga
Abbey of the Arts
Abbey Style Dec 13

A Catholic Calling  Jan 1
Amy Weldon Saint Books for Pre-teens
Anamchara The Website of Unknowing
Anchors and Masts
As An Oblate
Asking, Searching, Knocking
At The Edge of the Enclosure
Average Joe Catholic
Blogaim Anseo
Blog by-the-Sea
Blued Eyed Ennis 
Carmelite spirituality and the practice of mental prayer
Catholic Encyclopedia
Celtic Soul
Clinical Rounds
Colorado Musing 
Colwich Novitiate
Contemplative Horizon
Daily Monastic Bundle Prepared by the author of the Oblate blog.

This is a real-time Google Reader of Benedictine and monastic topics mentioned in current blogs, web sites, and news articles across the Internet as captured by Google Alerts. The bundle also captures my Oblate Blog posts.

The Daily Monastic Bundle is a web site where you can read current blog posts, web sites, and news articles using various KEY WORDS related to Benedictine monasticism.  If the key word is used, the Google Alert will capture it and then display the item along with all other similar items in ONE HANDY LIST.  Way cool for busy folks.

Day by day lectios
Divine Office
E-Benedictines - Guide to St. Benedict
Ecumenical Benedictine Oblate
Faith and Inches
Following Hard After Christ: His Path Through the Wilderness Dec. 20
Fr. Boniface Patrick Hicks
haiku paradise (and other stuff)
How the west was lost
In Persona Christi Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
In the Coracle
In the Shadow of His Wings
Infused Knowledge
Interrupting the Silence
Ivars' Voice
Kyrie Eleison me
Light it Up
Light through Stained-Glass Windows
Living by the rules
Living Monstrance
Living the Zeal of Benedict
Me monk. Me meander
Modern Monasticism - a Christian way of living
Monastery Podcast Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
Monastic and Liturgical
Monastic Mumblings, a Friar's Journey
Monastic Musings Too
Monastic Ponderings  
MONASTIC SKETE---notes from the hermitage
Monastics On A Journey
Monks and Mermaids Dec 20
Monk's news
Monks on a Mission
Notes from Stillsong Hermitage
Oblate Offerings
Oblates Blog
Oblates of the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
Photoblog for the vine  (also by votive)
Plain Catholic in the Mountains
Pondering His Goodness
Poor Clare Colettine Community, Hawarden, Wales, Great Britain
Praying Daily
Praying with the Body
Prince of Peace Abbey Principium Unitatis
Returning Catholics
Rome is Where the Heart Is
Sacred Destinations -- Maps & Photos
She Maunders
St. Gregory's Abbey
St. Louis Abbey
Subiaco Abbey
Subiaco Academy
Take with You Words
The 7 Habitus
The Byzantine Anglo-Catholic
The Catholic
The Crescat.
The Desert Pilgrim
The Lord, The Blues, and the Art of Being Smooth
The Order of Saint Benedict
The Roman Sacristan
The Urban Abbey
This Moment
Thoughts on Grace
Thousand Mile Journey
To Know This Love
Transitus Tiber
Under The Cheri Tree
Under the Oak 
Vultus Christi
Wisdom!: Readings from the Fathers of the Church
[ other than being ]


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